Base metals

Note: We are currently seeking investors and others interested in tin depositsĀ . We have been working on a number of opportunities in this space recently.

Mine Invest specialises in the assessment and promotion of base metal projects, and has considerable experience across a number of jurisdictions. Several companies we have been involved with over the years have been taken over or subject to corporate actions. We have worked with companies in the exploration and development phase of copper projects (IOCG, porphyry-copper and other deposits), lead-zinc-silver projects (VMS, other), nickel sulphides, and related deposits.

The supply situation for copper and zinc on a medium term view is looking increasingly tight, and nickel sulphide deposits are still rare, and in demand. Falling grades of open cut mines, pending mine closures (Century Zinc one example) and rising costs are likely to see higher prices for base metals this decade. We see polymetallic, VMS-type deposits as likely to be increasingly valuable in future years due to scarcity, and potentially, the rising value of credits.

We can assist you in developing your base metal project, and can offer a range of assistance as outlined in our services and capability documents.