Project Analysis

NPV analysis & Valuation is important at various project stages, from early scoping to feasibility, to enhance investor appeal and increase the attractiveness of equity to investors. As part of ongoing communication with investors about potential mine plan changes, project acquisition and even used for internal purposes, it can be a powerful tool. We have published numerous public and private valuation reports for clients in recent years, ask us for a copy or you can download some reports here.

Mine Invest has experience in the application of NPV (Net Present Value or Discounted Cash Flow) and other methodologies under Valmin (2015) and JORC (2012)  as a basis for project valuation across a range of commodities and project stages. Whilst not often used by companies and investors at the early stages of projects (exploration and resource assessment), it can be useful in identifying sensitivities and priorities for a project such as grade, minimum tonnage requirements and commodity price sensitivity. It is a key tool in the M&A advisory work we do.

Any valuation of a project is highly subjective, and reliant on a number of inputs which are subject to a high degree of error. In preparing any valuation, we consult with the company to ascertain the best estimate of inputs, whilst relying on our industry knowledge and contacts to ensure we have access to the latest information on costs.