Mine Invest can assist with projects at any stage, from exploration to production, where a company requires an audience with investors. We offer a highly flexible service to cater for client needs. Types of services include investor relations assistance, project management (of external or internal studies), project valuations and appraisal, assistance with funding needs, risk assessment, strategy development and report writing. We specialise in scoping and feasibility level valuations and sensitivity analysis. Types of services, which may be appropriate for you include:

  • Independent listed or unlisted mining company valuation reports;
  • Project NPV analysis, to assist in mine planning, or funding potential requirements from investors and lenders;
  • Project planning, and assimilation of company strategy/plans to retail and institutional investors;
  • Scoping of potential funding options, mergers and acquisitions and capital markets transactions.
  • Portfolio ranking, risk analysis and review;
  • Input sensitivity to define critical path and high risk areas when approaching a mine development;
  • Coordination of major studies including Environmental Impact Assessments, Feasibility studies .
Note: The above list of services does not in any way convey any offer to provide such services, nor is to be interpreted as a solicitation to obtain work, which may subject to certain licensing conditions, including but not limited to non-disclosure agreements, permits, approvals, contracts and other documentation. Readers are advised to contact the company to follow-up any particular questions or queries relating to the information above. Mine Invest is a registered trading name of 3 Mines Pty Ltd (ACN 166 575 051).