Valuation Reports

We have prepared hundreds of valuations over the years from early stage explorers to large established mining companies, many  in previous roles within financial markets. Preparation of valuation reports, whilst highly subjective, involves a detailed understanding of the history, strategy, geology and mine plans, forecasts and markets of a project.

In preparing any valuation, we consult with the company to ascertain the best estimate of inputs, whilst relying on our industry knowledge and contacts to ensure we access to the latest information on costs. We can assist you in preparation of valuation reports for specific projects, unlisted or listed company valuations for public or private use or for the purposes of Technical Experts reports (under the VALMIN code). We do this for many clients annually or bi-annually.

Note: The preparation of any valuations, research reports or related products may be subject to Australian financial services laws and related licensing requirements. Readers are advised to contact us to follow-up any particular questions or queries relating to the information above . Example valuation reports below.