The majority of our clients are at the pre-feasibility or feasibility stage with their projects. This is the time we prefer to be involved in projects, as it is arguably the most important stage for any emerging company.

Conducting a feasibility study on a proposed mine can cost  millions of dollars, or tens of millions depending on the size of the project. Many companies rush into signing up consultants to prepare feasibility or pre-feasibility studies, in the belief this will accelerate project development. In many cases, it only serves to highlight the lack of work conducted prior on drilling and resource assessment, metallurgical work, financial analysis and other areas. We can assist in scoping and preparation for feasibility work, project management during a study and communication and dissemination of preliminary or final feasibility outcomes.

Detailed, regular communication with investors is particularly important in the period prior to initiating feasibility work and once a study is completed. We can assist in a number of areas, including consultant liaison and management, valuation and project sensitivity, public dissemination and communication of results, and internal report preparation.

If you are up to the feasibility stage of a project, either pre or post feasibility, get in touch.